3 things to tick off your Bucket List in New Zealand

Life is short, and we only get one 'go' at it. Why not fill yours with as many beautiful sights and thrilling adventures as you can? A holiday to New Zealand will give you the opportunity to tick a number of incredible experiences off your bucket list. Here are just 3 (of many) that are on offer...


The Southern Lights

You've no doubt heard of the magnificent phenomenon that is The Northern Lights, but how about their Southern Hemisphere sisters, The Southern Lights? Aurora Australis, as they are known, has features that are almost identical to the famous Aurora Borealis. They are every bit as spectacular, but lesser known purely because they are more difficult to be able to see - there are precious few populated, accessible places on earth from which to view their breathtaking display.

One of the few places this kaleidoscopic light show can be experienced is from the deep South of New Zealand.


The ever-changing Southern Lights, captured from Queenstown.
Image courtesy of Minoru Yoneto, via NASA.

Photos will never do justice to seeing this stunning spectacle with your own eyes.

The best time of year to see the Southern Lights is between June and August, during the New Zealand winter. Ask us to create a truly once in a lifetime experience for you, on board a twilight boat trip or special night flight.


The amazing Aurora Australis, captured by photographer Ben Fewtrell

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Southern-Lights-Dunedin-New-ZealandThe Southern Lights on show from Tunnel Beach, Dunedin Photography by Simon East.

aurora-New-Zealand-lights This award-winning photograph was taken by Hamison Burson

If you want to holiday here in New Zealand during warmer months, you can still be treated to an amazing stellar experience. Much of the country has no light pollution and there are a number of very special spots in New Zealand from which to star-gaze.

The South Island's Lake Tekapo, for example, has been ranked the second best spot in the world to see stars. The South Island is also home to an International Dark Sky Reserve, the largest reserve of this type worldwide.

Witness unique celestial features including constellations, shooting stars and the magnificent Milky Way Galaxy stretched out before you, and learn more about our incredible universe and this planet we all call home.

Ask us to arrange you to stay for a night or two in a luxury boutique accommodation, and enjoy Tekapo's sparkling clear lake and hot springs whilst you're here.


Photograph by Daniel Rood via Tourism New Zealand

Face to Face with an Apex Predator

New Zealand has great clear water visibility and healthy numbers of sharks. And just off the coast of New Zealand's Stewart Island, where there is a thriving population of Great White Sharks, you can go cage diving with this apex predator.

You absolutely do not need to be an experienced diver, because the cage sits near the surface, with fresh air delivered into your 'reg' (mouthpiece) through a hose on the boat's deck. The crew is extremely professional, they have a 100% safety record, and an experienced and certified diver can be present with you in the cage if you'd like.

If your heart yearns for a more intrepid adventure - doing something that's off the beaten tourist trail - this is a truly thrilling Bucket List experience.


Photography by Chris Fallows via apexpredators.com

During your Great White Shark diving experience, you can also see fur seal colonies (the sharks' favourite hunting ground), dolphins, and the mighty ocean albatross.


Photography by Mark Enarson

Visit the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'

This remarkable place is a World Heritage Site (a landmark officially recognised by the United Nations as being one of the world's most significant sites), has been judged one of the world's top travel destinations in multiple international travel awards, and was described by the author Rudyard Kipling as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

It is visited by up to 1 million tourists every year, despite its quite remote location away from larger New Zealand centres.


Image by Rob Suisted via Tourism New Zealand

milford-sound-NZImage by Adam Bryce via Tourism New Zealand

Milford Sound is a long, narrow, and very deep inlet of the sea that runs inland between incredibly sheer cliffs. Carved by glaciers during the ice age, the fiord is surrounded by dramatic rock faces that rise 1,200 metres or more on either side.

Along the 15 kilometres of the fiord are some of the most magnificent sights you'll ever lay eyes on - such as the towering Elephant Peak and Lion Peak, and thundering waterfalls that cascade from the summit of the peaks to the ocean below.

(The trip is especially spectacular after heavy rain, as literally hundreds of temporary waterfalls can be seen running down the rock faces that line the fiord. It's indescribably beautiful.)


The magical Stirling Falls - image via Wikipedia

stirling-falls-milford-sound Image by Adam Bryce via Tourism New Zealand

With dramatic views around every corner, you'll spend the entire day looking up, your mouth open in awe. Except, of course, for when you spot some of the thriving wildlife - Milford Sound is home to populations of seals and penguins, while bottlenose dolphins, and even growing numbers of humpback and southern right whales frequent these waters.

Join a boat cruise on a day trip, or even an overnight adventure. Luxury vessels are also available for private charter, with premium onboard catering and well-appointed accommodations.

If you enjoy hiking or trekking, you can't miss one of the world's best 'walks', the Milford Track. The track winds its way through some of the most spectacular wilderness on earth.

Sea Kayaking adventures are also on offer, as are take-your-breath-away scenic flights by sea plane or helicopter.


Image by Glacier Southern Lakes via Tourism New Zealand

These are only three of the many Bucket List experiences on offer in New Zealand.

Ask us about more about the unforgettable adventures that await you in this marvellous modern country, then let's plan you the trip of a lifetime! Contact our team today.

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