New Zealand's Newest Luxury Lodge - The Lindis

The luxury lodge experience is something New Zealand does exceptionally well. Today, we introduce you to the latest offering that benchmarks this stellar global reputation, New Zealand's newest...

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Four of our Favourite Fishing Lodges

Anglers everywhere regard New Zealand as the one of world's best wild trout fisheries. So, when you're here for the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime, where should you stay? Here are four of our...

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Experience Manaakitanga - traditional Maori hospitality

Manaakitanga is a very important value within Maori culture – both traditionally and today. Loosely translated as hospitality (but actually a much deeper concept spiritually), Manaakitanga is the...

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One of the World's Best Star-Gazing Spots

New Zealand’s South Island is home to Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve – one of the very best stargazing sites on Earth. 

The 4300sqkm protected area is the Southern Hemisphere's...

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Luxury Accommodation - Welcome to Mahu Whenua

So close to the buzz of Queenstown, yet you'll feel world's away... Mahu Whenua is a very special homestead and eco sanctuary, nestled in a private parcel of land the size of a National Park

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An Inland Sea - Taupo, The Great Lake

At the centre of New Zealand's North Island is a lake the size of Singapore - Lake Taupo. Discover this great lake, its connected rivers and surrounding mountains, and the destination village of...

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New Zealand's Top 10 Outdoor Adventures

Holidays are a chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone, to challenge yourself to experiences that make you feel truly alive. New Zealand's great outdoors are the perfect setting for a...

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Life on High - New Zealand's Best Scenic Flights

New Zealand is a wonderland of varied landscapes - sparkling coastlines, lush ancient forests, snowy mountain peaks, steaming volcanic craters - and the best way to see it all is from above...


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New Zealand's Best Glamping Spots

The breathtaking scenery of back-country camping, with the feeling you're world's away from modern life - yet with all the little luxuries of modern life... we love Glamping, and there's no better...

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Bucket List New Zealand Experiences: Ice Caving

Imagine walking upon the surface of a giant, ancient, ever-changing glacial river; exploring caverns and tunnels of ice. Truly unforgettable...

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