Luxury Accommodation: The Marlborough Lodge

Discover a luxury country estate in the heart of New Zealand's famous wine region,
where every last detail has been beautifully prepared for guests...

On any luxury holiday to New Zealand, we encourage our clients to spend a day or three in Marlborough - New Zealand's premiere gourmet province. Up here at the top of the South Island, the cuisine and wine are as spectacular as the scenery. Most famed as the home of the internationally-renowned Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (with Pinot Noir hot on its heels), Marlborough also offers a veritable feast of artisan food and fresh produce - from breads and chocolates, to smoked salmon and scallops.


Between the vine-clad valleys and the sheltered waterways, is a gorgeous pocket of secluded parkland and gardens. Nestled in these lush 16 acres is one of our personal favourite New Zealand accommodations - The Marlborough Lodge.

The lodge began life in 1901 as a Victorian Convent for the Sisters of Mercy. Originally located in Blenheim, it had 19 rooms for the nuns, and was constructed with beautiful native timbers. In 1994, the Convent was relocated to its present location in Marlborough,  and was restored under the guidance of esteemed architect Sir Michael Fowler. In 2016, another significant refurbishment transformed the elegant building into a luxury country estate, and it was re-opened as The Marlborough Lodge.



While the lodge itself is steeped in history, your accommodation embraces the contemporary. All 10 suites are large and luxurious, with sumptuous decor, a balcony to enjoy the scenic views, and a very spacious ensuite.

Keeping guest numbers low means the staff - lead by the exceptional GM Peter White - can focus on offering truly world-class, personal service. And that they do! When it comes to dining, for example, you'll feel less like a guest at a hotel, and more as though you're part of a fabulous dinner party with friends, as the Head Chef and his team take you on a tasting journey of this bountiful region. From the depths of Marlborough's sparkling waterways (Local Rock Oysters, Red Snapper Fillet, King Salmon and so much more), to the high country (wild pork, young lamb, gathered mushrooms), to the lush valleys (seriously impressive olives, pears and apples, and so much more) and visiting the many artisan food producers who've made their home here (sensational local cheeses including mascarpone, goats' cheese and camembert; handmade chocolate).


Fresh whitebait, a New Zealand delicacy

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Pork Belly


Salmon Crudo


Dessert, perfectly matched with acclaimed Marlborough wine


Breakfast of Kings

Keen foodies can choose to enjoy their dinner at the Chef's Bench, or join the chefs on a foraging excursion around the estate - berries, wild herbs and more grow here. On our last stay, we had a private cooking lesson, then savoured the fruits of our labour matched with award-winning local wines. Highly recommended!

Part of The Marlborough Lodge's 16 acres are devoted to a vineyard, growing world-famous Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes. If you have time, we recommend joining the lodge's head gardener on a tour, a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours ahead of the evening meal, finishing with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc harvested from the vineyard you've just meandered through and learnt about. Then make your way to the gorgeous outdoor fireplace for canapes, as you mingle with fellow guests before being called in for dinner.



Peter and his team can also organise wonderful private wine tastings, having the winemakers themselves come to the lodge to meet with you. It's just one more of those deft luxury touches that make The Marlborough Lodge a place we just love to send our clients.


To start planning your unforgettable New Zealand holiday, contact our well-travelled team of luxury specialists today!



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