New Zealand by Design - Curio Noir Concept Store

New Zealand built its global travel reputation on breathtaking scenery and superb guest hospitality. But in recent years, this cosmopolitan little country has also begun to offer shopping experiences to rival what you'd find in Melbourne, London or NYC... 

Popping up in Auckland and Wellington are flagship stores for some of New Zealand's finest retail brands.

On one of Auckland's hippest streets, hidden behind luxe ox-blood red velvet curtains, is our newest favourite - the moody and opulent flagship space for Curio Noir.

Curio-Noir-Luxury-New-Zealand-Store Curio-Noir-Luxury-New-Zealand-Retail-Store

Photography by Simon Wilson

Curio Noir is a New Zealand fragrance brand that has reached cult status with its luxury candles. Curio Noir candles are housed in the most gorgeous glass vessels, all individually handmade by a group of artisan glass blowers and finished with the signature Curio Noir seal.

No two pieces are the same - the vessels are almost pieces of artwork in their own right, designed so that when your waxed perfume has burnt to the last, the vessel can be re-used as a blown glass vase. The scents are like olfactory poetry, with names like Diaphanous (Mandarin, Sambac Jasmine, Saffron, Narcissus Absolute, Cayenne Pepper and Amber) and Feather My Tears. (with Orchid, Lily of the valley, Water Lily, Almond, Cedar and Moss).



Luxury packaging

The Curio Noir concept store was designed by interior architect Rufus Knight, in collaboration with Curio Noir's founder Tiffany Jeans. The very stylish, understated Tiffany is considered in her design of every last detail of her brand, and this space is no different. Everything in the store is handcrafted, down to the carved bone hardware.

We love the bespoke walnut shelving that covers an entire wall, with brass inlays that reflect the candlelight. The space is dark and intimate - the perfect atmosphere to showcase the flickering Curio Noir candles, and to heighten your sense of smell.


Curio Noir has also launched a line of exquisite handmade parfums, available to experience and purchase in their flagship store. Select your scent, and it will be bottled just for you, in your choice of blown-glass perfume vessel.


Choose a one-of-a-kind, hand-blown glass bottle to house your exquisite Curio Noir fragrance. Photography by Steven Boniface.

Ask us to arrange a special visit to the world-class Curio Noir flagship, as part of a luxury New Zealand holiday experience.

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