Into the Wild

"The Mountains are calling, and I must go."


Yes, New Zealand has vibrant cities - filled with contemporary shopping and sophisticated eateries - but what is also has is space. Wide open wilderness; places of peace where the only thing that needs your attention is the majesty of Mother Nature...


Exclusive Access to Private Properties

Antipodean Luxury Travel has exclusive rights and access to otherwise inaccessible locations and protected UNESCO sites. It's all part of our passion for delivering life-changing travel experiences.


Unforgettable Hunting & Fishing

Simply put: we can take you places that other travel agents just cannot. We have discovered some of the world's finest wilderness fisheries and hunting grounds locations here in New Zealand, and arranged exclusive access for our clients.


Imagine fly fishing in the cleanest, clearest water you've ever seen, surrounded by stunning scenery, seeing fat trout (3-5kg fish are not uncommon) lazing in the shallows and luring them to the surface with your bouncing dry flies. Your won't be fishing barren water here - you'll actively stalk along the rivers and streams and spot your target trophy, casting your line directly to it.


New Zealand has a well-earned reputation as an angler's dream, and Antipodean Luxury Travel have access to truly exclusive fly fishing grounds. We'll also pair you with highly experienced local guides, who know the back country like it's their backyard - and they'll share their secret spots with you.



New Zealand's hunting opportunities are rightly regarded as some of the best in the world, and again, we have sought out only the finest locations for our clients - including alpine hunting grounds only reachable by helicopter.


One of these is the expansive Ngamatea wilderness, where herds of Sika and Red deer roam freely. Spot your trophy and then experience the thrill of deer stalking, feeling the hairs stand up on the back of your neck as you try to quietly close the distance to take aim.

Keen hunters should visit during the Roar (also called the Rut) - the time of year when when hinds are ready to mate, and the largest and most powerful stags make themselves known - challenging other stags and defending their territory and their 'harem'. This is without doubt the most exciting time to hunt stags - it's not for the faint-hearted.


We only work with New Zealand's best guides, hunters who know the land (and the habits of the resident deer) like the back of their hand. Experts at the art of the roar, they'll take care of the mimicked calls while you close in for your shot.


Outside the trophy season (late February to end of August), we can even arrange for you to hunt for non-trophy deer, which you can then enjoy as beautifully-prepared, mouth-watering wild venison.

Complete Rest and Relaxation

Our clients, like you, are very busy people.  The To Do list never seems to get any shorter, as they juggle demanding family, professional and social lives. It is especially for these people with hectic modern lives that we have designed a range of truly rejuvenating, renewing experiences in the New Zealand wilderness.




Aro-Ha Wellness Retreat, nestled in the stunning Southern Alps, is one of our exclusive experience partners.

Here's just a taste of the spirit-lifting experiences we offer:

Visit a multi-award-winning wellness retreat in an alpine wonderland.  Experience a next-level divine detox for body and soul, enjoying delicious yet nutritious fresh cuisine, luxury spa treatments and massage therapies, and the exhilaration of mountaintop yoga.




The Yoga Studio at Aro-ha Wellness Retreat

Horseback ride through the vast plains, valleys and hills of a World Heritage Area; journeying to a remote waterfall for a chef-prepared picnic.



Image courtesy of Annandale Coastal Retreat

Come back to yourself with a stay at a secluded cottage on its own private beach. Kayak along coastal coves during the day, bathe in the sun and swim in the azure sea, sit in front of a crackling fire under a merino wool blanket as the sun dips below the horizon, and soak in an outdoor bath under a canopy of stars. Finally have time to dive into that book you've been wanting and meaning to read, eat beautifully, and restore your energy for life.

Make 2017 the year that you visit one of the world's most beautiful, breath-taking destinations - contact our team at Antipodean Luxury Travel today and let us share New Zealand's secrets with you...

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