Noble & Savage - Luxury New Zealand Tea

This gorgeous tea brand launched just last year in New Zealand, and is drawing in an international audience, thanks to attention from leading lifestyle and luxury magazines...


We are fans of this design-led New Zealand brand; we love the packaging, love the brand philosophy and can vouch for their customer service.


Every pack includes a tasting notes card with information on the flavour profile and origin of your tea, plus brewing recommendations.


Much of the Noble & Savage range is equally gorgeous as iced tea.

Tea and chocolate milk is a delicious combination, and a great way to add some omph to your tea drinking ceremony. Try Maple Walnut & Lewis Road Creamery together.


Noble & Savage produces tea using only ethically and sustainably grown leaves and flowers from the world's finest tea estates. The range of 16 luxury teas is the result of over 3 years of international travel, research and (thousands of) tastings by the brand's founders, New Zealand's Rupert Curry and Alan Hughes.

Noble and Savage seeks to elevate the status of tea from a commodity to a special ritual to be savoured.


The luxury packaging shows as much good taste as the product inside, with its beautiful modern styling and gold foil elements.


The samples we tried included:
White Noise | Ginger Limoncello | White Chilli Truffle | Chamomile Blossom | Orange Sky | Lemon Grey | Lime Blossom & Chamomile | Imperial Sencha | Maple Walnut | Black & Gold | Vanilla Sencha |Strawberry Plum | Vanilla Cacao | Peppermint Breeze |

All our Ultra clients get a pre-flight pack of New Zealand artisanal food products, which includes Noble & Savage and we know that in the massive tea drinking society that is Asia, they will be an instant hit. Find out more about their company at


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